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Encomiums, Concerto for Violin and Orchestra

A violin concerto in the grand, romantic tradition that pays tribute to Hindemith, Bach, and Prokofiev,  three of the greatest masters of counterpoint in the history of music, each with his own distinctly unique style.  Each composer took the concepts and rules of counterpoint developed in the 16th century and adapted them to  their own harmonic and melodic language.   The greek word, Encomium roughly translates as homage, or to give honor.  In this concerto, I honor  these three brilliant genuises.

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Remembrance, Concerto for Flute and Orchestra

This work is based on several themes I was working on when my first wife died of cancer at the age of only twenty five.  After Kim’s death,  My shattered life was consumed with raising our two babies, and the focus of my life shifted with simply surviving from day to day replacing earlier dreams of writing for Broadway, composing film scores, becoming a great composer.  When  I took up composition again, I found myself emotionally unable to revisit the works that I had been working on when Kim became ill.  17 years later I was finally thinking of using them in a work honoring Kim, when  Wendell Dobbs asked to me to compose a flute concerto for him.  Remembrances has a wistful sadness, but it is also full of joy and beauty as I remember my warm, generous and amazing first love.

2009  23’

3+222 4231 timp 2per harp, strings • 22’

Premier, March 14, 2009

by E. Reed Smith with Kimo Furumoto and the Huntington Symphony

Recorded by Vit Musik with Petr Vronsk and the Moravian Philharmonic

2003’ 26’

2+121 2210 timp 2per harp, strings

1st performance by Wendall Dobbs with Kimo Furumoto and the Huntington Symphony Orchestra

Serenade for Mozart

What is it about Mozart that inspires such devotion, and even reverence?  In the movie,  “Amadeus”,  Mozart’s nemesis, Salieri compares Mozart’s writing to “taking dictation from God”.  For the two hundredth anniversary of Mozart’s death I composed a Serenade centered around a slow movement based very loosely on the great Adagio from the Grand Partita and Serenade.  The theme in the oboe is the central theme of the Serenade and runs throughout the work.  The Serenade for Mozart has been performed by Pro Musica, The Naples Philharmonic and the LeHigh Valley Chamber Orchestra.

1992 27’

2+2+2+2 2200 timp 2per harp, strings

1st performance by Timothy Russell and the Pro Musica Chamber Orchestra

Also performed by the LeHigh Valley Chamber Orchestra and the Naples Philharmonic.

The Ghost of Moonville Tunnel, A Symphonic Poem

In the 1800’s a drunken conductor was run over by a train late one night near the town of Moonville, Ohio.  Over the next few years, there were many reports of a ghostly “bobbing lantern” and the legend of the Ghost of  Moonville Tunnel sprung up.  There are in fact, documented cases of very strange goings on involving death and mayhem!  During the depression, Moonville was abandoned, but to this day local hikers swear that the bobbing lantern can still be seen.  This large scale symphonic poem in the grand tradition of Richard Strauss presents “ghostly” challenges to the orchestra as well! My prize winning entry in the Lancaster Festival International Composition Contest was heralded by the Columbus Dispatch as a “welcome addition to the Symphonic Repertoire, ready to take it’s rightful place beside “The Sorcerers Apprentice” and “Night on Bald Mountain”.

2000’ 13’

3+3+3+2, contra 4331 timp 3per piano, strings

Premier by Gary Sheldon and the Lancaster Festival Orchestra


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